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Hi! We're Dawn and Matthew!

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Love didn't just find us, it sought us out after we lived off the grid for awhile. When we met, we knew we had something stellar, something we needed to build upon. After one blind date, 10 months of a long distance relationship, and about 2 years living in Atlanta later, here we are- a fine art wedding photography team that is happily engaged ourselves!

Sometimes we pinch ourselves because we cannot believe after all the distance we had between us, we still found each other. Even after living in separate states through college (Kent State, Ohio for Dawn, Savannah College of Art and Design for Matthew) and career moves after school (Saint Augustine, Florida for Dawn, Atlanta for Matthew), life took over and put us down the right paths. Two years of photographing later, we do not take that for granted. Our lives have been filled with special events and emotions that remind us every day our love is something to be cherished. It's that splendid knowledge that drives us to document and weave together the delicate stories of each couple we photograph.

As artists, we are moved by sincerity, simple gestures, and moments that make your heart skip a beat. Our goal as photographers is to create highly emotional art that will transport you back to that point in time and make you smile. We consider it a privilege to be alongside our couples through some of life's most memorable milestones. When we are photographing, we think of you as our oldest friends, with the hope that at the end of the session, we will all be real friends and laugh often together. All you have to do is show up with your smiles and gorgeous personalities, we cannot wait to meet them!

-Dawn and Matthew

Things we love

Being Nerdy

If getting engaged during Dragon*Con does not constitute as nerdy, we don't know what does. Our love of fandoms spans from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who, to board games, video games and movies.


We love exploring new places! Every travel opportunity we have shows us how beautiful and different this world can be. We've been exploring the South and the Southeast, but it is our dream to see the architecture and beauty of Europe and plan a cross-country trip from California back to Atlanta.

Living in the city

Atlanta has so much to offer young creatives! The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is top notch, The Fox Theatre is just extraordinary, and we have tons of quality museums in area. Our first date was at the Fernbank Museum (where we are getting married!) for Martinis and IMAX, and then the next day to the High Museum to see one of our favorite artists, assorted Rembrandt works and Vermeer's painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring". The Atlanta skyline has some of the most stunning sunrises we have seen and the Westside area where we live is bustling with activity day and night.

Bubble Tea

If you do not know what this delicious and wonderful Taiwanese drink is, it's essentially an herbal tea base mixed with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca "pearls" or fruit jellies are added. If you are anywhere in the city, go to our favorite bubble tea place, Honey Bubble (Dawn's favorite-Thai Milk Tea with tapioca; Matthew's favorite- Jasmine Green Milk Tea with tapioca) then head on over to Paris on Ponce for some eclectic vintage finds.

Site Design & Images © Peach & Oak Photography 2016. All rights reserved.